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Meanwhile, being an outdoor theme park with lands meant to simulate rustic situations, Disneyland had developed a bit of a rodent problem Pin It Via The cats of Disneyland While the irony was lost on no one in the company, Disneyland had mice running around—and we're not talking about Mickey and Minnie.

The same is true of any new litters of kittens that are accidentally born on property.

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If cats start to appear too comfortable around humans, Disney will adopt them out to cast members. More accurately, they were allowed to continue doing the work they were already doing, but now it was with Disney's blessing, and some payment.

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They generally stay hidden out of sight during the day and only come out at night. It became clear that something needed to be done about the cats, but the Disney company knew they couldn't exactly "eliminate" the problem without considerable uproar from guests.

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The cats actually live a pretty mundane life, similar to most other feral cats you might have in your neighborhood. When he brought imagineers into the castle to begin the planning process for what would eventually become the Castle Walkthrough attraction, he was greeted by quite the sight—scores of feral cats had set up a home for themselves inside the building.

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