Mysql slave invalidating query cache entries Mysql slave invalidating query cache entries table

Mysql slave invalidating query cache entries

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Switching to InnoDB might help, but it depends on what types of queries you use. Follow the advice in the user manual: The best workaround for the situation you have may be mixed mode. In any case, the only limitation is hardware.

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The "Waiting for master to send event" state shows that the slave IO thread sent a request for a new event, and is waiting for the event from the master. Setting this variable to 1 causes acquisition of a WRITE lock for a table to invalidate any queries in the query cache that refer to the table. With this improvement that is no longer possible if it's started at type 0. If it is ON and queries are really in cache it should be cleaned.

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The recording and slides for the webinar are available here. In other cases slave did not enter this option and this bug could not occur.

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Please update us with results of your investigation or, at least, send us dump maybe mysqldump --no-data of involved tables, so we can try to recreate this on our side too.