Backdating blog posts wordpress tutorial How To Schedule WP Blog Posts – Introduction To WordPress Tutorials

Backdating blog posts wordpress tutorial

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Edit Post Date And Time You can reschedule your post by changing the date and time that the post was published. Now you know how to schedule WordPress blog posts to publish at a future date.

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Next, you want to select all information, or you can select the just do the magic under the information section. If you want the post to be redistributed to your email subscribers, use the option below. Publishing consistency If you follow a strict publishing timeline on your blog, say weekly or monthly, then scheduling can help you set a time for all the posts at once.

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You will find options showing the status of the blog post, visibility of the blog post and the publish status. Lds dating rules you want to schedule your blog post?

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You can schedule WordPress blog posts in the future or backdate posts to show content as having been published prior to the original publishing date. We would love to hear from you.

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This would make the month, date, year and time options appear. I share with them the Truth About Consequences.