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Because this deep and cold layer contains the bulk of ocean water, the average temperature of the world ocean is 3.

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The Mars ocean hypothesis suggests that nearly a third of the surface of Mars was once covered by water, and a runaway greenhouse effect may have boiled away the global ocean of Venus. Extraterrestrial oceans may be composed of water or other elements and compounds. This acceleration of the current takes place in the direction of waves and dominant wind.

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Its average depth is about 3, meters 12, ft ,[9] and its maximum depth is 10, meters 6. The Solar System's giant planets are also thought to have liquid atmospheric layers of yet to be confirmed compositions.

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Polar waters, which receive relatively little solar energy, are not stratified by temperature and generally lack a thermocline because surface water at polar latitudes are nearly as cold as water at greater depths.

The tropical thermocline is typically deeper than the thermocline at higher latitudes.

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Accordingly, when the sea depth increases, the a dating of the earth changes the direction of currents, in proportion with the increase of depth while friction lowers their speed. Early in their geologic histories, Mars and Venus are theorized to have had large water oceans.

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If the mixed layer is less thick 10 to 20 metersthe quasi permanent current at the surface adopts an extreme oblique direction in relation to the direction of the wind, becoming kelme villacampa online dating homogeneous, until the Thermocline The Mars ocean hypothesis suggests that nearly a third of the surface of Mars was once covered by water, though the water on Mars is no longer oceanic much of it residing in the ice caps.

The influence of these currents is mainly experienced at the mixed layer of the ocean surface, often from to meters of maximum depth. Unconfirmed oceans are speculated beneath the surface of many dwarf planets and natural satellites; notably, the steve mcqueen dating 2018 jeep of Europa is estimated to have over twice the water volume of Earth.

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