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Soul from Soul Eater feels this way in comparison to his older brother, Wes. Unlike other cases, though, Dr.

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This Privacy Policy does not apply to the practices of any other company or individual that we do not own or control. A portion of this is Word of God from interviews. Getting over his daddy issues and learning that his father actually wanted him to be a Big Brother Mentor is a major part of his Character Developmentwhereupon he settles for being the Aloof Big Brother type.

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The only one who loves her is Killua. Sesshoumaru feels that he's this. It went so far that, before dying after his Heroic Sacrificehe pleaded Kouji that he treated Tetsuya like his brother and took care of Shiro Shinji gets this so damn much.

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Her parents love both of their daughters and it's shown that Haru was just as metal control latino dating pampered, when she was younger, but seems to not remember this so well. Among the four Shuzen sisters, Kokoa fits this trope the best.

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When Itachi comes to kill them, both Fugaku and Mikoto are shown to be aware of his massive turmoil, and they tell him that they understand his reasons and decisions, offering no resistance as he tearfully executes them. Kagura is loved by her mother, as well as Yuki in a wayHiro, and Kisa, but Momiji and Kyo definitely fell into this trope.

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In Mobile Suit Gundam 00 's second season, nethradhama branches in bangalore dating an unfavorite that doesn't even need a family they got killed by terrorists several years ago to feel this way.