Domestic abuse cycle honeymoon phase of dating Domestic Violence and Abuse

Domestic abuse cycle honeymoon phase of dating

Intimate partners may separate, divorce or, at the extreme, someone may be killed.

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Acute or Crisis Phase In this phase, the tension has built up and finally erupts into violence. Emotional abuse includes verbal abuse such as yelling, name-calling, blaming, and shaming. The teen will focus on these good times as a reason to stay when the crisis or explosion happens again.

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Insults, name-calling, shaming, and public put-downs are all weapons of abuse designed to erode your self-esteem and make you feel powerless. Such tactics include making threatening looks or gestures, smashing things in front of you, destroying property, hurting your pets, or putting weapons on display. It is not a victory if you have to give up your rights as a person and a partner in exchange for not being assaulted!

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