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2 timoteo 3 ang dating biblia 1905

This translation is appropriate not just for congregational reading in the church, but also for easy memorization and for a deep study of the Bible.

Filipino Standard Version FSV is the first ever literary-liturgical version of the New Testament in twoofakind dating quotes Filipino language, designed to perpetuate the rich liturgical heritage of Church worship.

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Permission requests must be directed to: FSV translates faithfully the original Greek language and uses formal words and expressions, yet it is still easy to read and understand. The FSV text may be quoted in written, visual, or electronic form without requesting permission from the Philippine Bible Society provided that the number of verses does not exceed five hundred and that the verses quoted represent less than half a complete book of the Bible.

Acknowledgment must appear as follows on the copyright page of printed works using the FSV text, or in a corresponding location when the FSV is quoted in other media: In all other cases, the user must first get permission from the Philippine Bible Society.

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