Who is neil dating on young and restless Which Leading Lady Should Return For Neil On The Young And The Restless?

Who is neil dating on young and restless

Meanwhile Neil was making plans to raise Lily's baby with Karen, without consulting Lily, Cane, nor Karen beforehand; causing Karen to feel disrespected and move out.

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Olivia and Nathan were engaged but Olivia's sister Dru wanted Nathan for herself. But before she could, Neil suddenly sold Indigo to Jeff and Gloria, and told Ashley he felt he should spend more time with his family, and they should just remain friends.

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Carmen found him a space which he bought, renovated, and named Indigo. Neil was pleased until he realized there was vodka in the orange juice she had given him, and spit it out.

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Neil was shocked when Hilary blackmailed Ashley to get her job, and then when she was exposed, she blackmailed Neil to stay in a position of power. Colin promised Cane that his children would be spared from his destructive life.

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While Lily was in Paris, she got sicker and sicker. In the waiting room, Lily blamed Devon, so when Ms.

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Neil was instrumental in finding the note that Cane had left for Lily the night of his "death" which admitted that Colin was his father and that he had a twin named Caleb. Devon's birthday came around, but no one remembered it.

Hilary realized that is why Neil had a hard time forgiving her when she cheated on him because she reminded him of his mother.

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After gaining Adam's share support and teaming up with Tucker, Jack took the opportunity for a hostile takeover of Newman Enterprises. Cane kept quiet, coordinacion quimica en los veggie tales yahoo dating was still worried about Jill, as well as Lily, since she recently found out about his lies.

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Neil and Dru met juvenile delinquent Devon Hamilton in