Unit dose packaging expiration dating Medi-Dose System

Unit dose packaging expiration dating

Sealed units can be left in sheets or easily torn down to individual doses Medi-Cup Blisters are available in eight sizes to accommodate any size med or the smallest storage space.

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Inexpensive, Easy and Flexible: LaserLabel Lid-Label Covers are available in 12 colors for color coding or medication classification. Medi-Cup blisters are epsilon relative dating in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate virtually any medication or storage system.

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Adapts to Your Needs: Popular 1D and 2D bar code formats can be created with NDC numbers, expiration dates, lot numbers and special codes. Ultraviolet inhibitant blisters provide additional protection from light.

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Our new LaserLabel Lid-Label Covers for MPB Multi-Purpose Blisters are perfect for compounded meds, unit of use packaging, suppositories, larger tablets and capsules, repacking unit dosed items and anything that fits. The easiest way to bar code and unit dose your solid oral medications! Yet the label's innovative design yields an easy-to-open package.

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Because of its unique Cold-Seal technology, the Medi-Dose System is simple to use and requires no special in-service training or additional space.