Bannur sheep in bangalore dating Why is Bannur Lamb/ Sheep so famous? Where is it available in Bangalore?

Bannur sheep in bangalore dating

The cost of 1kg meat of Bannur variety is Rs whereas, other breeds cost Rs Bannur sheep are in great demand across the state, especially Bangalore, pushing up the prices further.

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Bannur Sheep Images Meat Production This breed is popular for its meat production ability, and the quality of meat too is juicy and tender, which makes the taste excellent. The total sheep population in the Mandya distribution area, according to the census, was 0.

Further, there is a large incidence of cryptorchidism in Mandya, possibly due to selection of animals on the basis of meaty conformation.

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Sellers said instead of buying the meat, buyers prefer to take the sheep home for the festival. The special variety is believed to have originated from Bandur, but is bred in this region.

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