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Shoe0nhead dating armored skeptic youtube

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He read the Bible constantly and believed it to the point where he was willing to follow Biblical Traditions and adopt the beliefs and lifestyle of the Messianic Jews, a type of Christianity that combines many Jewish traditions, even though it was the most craziest version of Christianity and followers of the faith itslef are known to live in off-grid moutain communities.

Eventually, AJ saw the hypocrasy and insanity of his former group and knew that he had to rebuild his shattered relationships. AJ then turned to a religious group that he had known in his childhood as he became more and more paranoid and needed help.

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During his school days, AJ got a learning dissability and was made fun of by students, pitied by his principal, and talked down to by his teachers. He then decided to stand on his own and became the Armoured Skeptic that he is today. McDermott later made a false rape accusation against Skeptic using very flimsy logic and blatantly untrue facts. Unmasked Armoured Skeptic officially revealed his face in September 2, dating armored skeptic youtube he appeared on the Drunken Peasants Podcast.

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This resulted in her channel being terminated and Skeptic filing a lawsuit against her for libel and slander. Additionally, 17 years is well within the age of consent in their respective states 17 in New York, 16 in Ontario. McDermott had already built up a notoriety of herself in the atheist YouTube community by targeting members with high subscriber counts and doing things like false-DMCAing and exploiting personal tragedies to gain attention to herself.

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McDermott then proceeded to openly dox him again by revealing his full name.