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No UEP from Tut means no known haplogroup period. Hincks, though, never dicussed their ethnic origin.

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For example, Francois Lenormant, made it clear, following the research of Rawlinson, that the Elamite and Sumerians spoke genetically related languages. This feature was agglutination.

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Singapore's foreign minister said the ruling was based on "incontrovertible evidence. He recognized the Ancient Model of History, the idea that civilization was founded by the Kushite or Hamitic people of the Bible.

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Plus the Behistun monument made it clear that the Elamites were also Blacks. A major supporter of Rawlinson was Edward Hincks.

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Schindler and his wife escaped to the US zone of Germany. Thus we have today the Akkadians and Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia.

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Oppert popularized the Assyrian name Sumer, for the original founders of the civilization. He made it clear that the Chaldean and Akkadian people spoke different languages.

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As result, Rawlinson was surprised during his research to discover that the founders of the Mesopotamian civilization were of Kushite origin.