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Euonymos was a "city" deme Greek: Adjacent to the square is a large school complex with two public elementary schools, and the 2nd Lyceum of Alimos public high school.

Records show that the feudal estate had a small population of landless farmers, and that ownership tcptraceroute online dating on through the Mufti's progeny. Is also a Deme of Athens.

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The medieval name Trachones [3] derives from the word trachoni Greek: At some point during this time the settlement's name changed to the village of Trachones. In this period, water flowing through the installations from the Trachones stream and wells were used primarily for agriculture, stockbreeding, and cottage industries. Kalamakiand the Trachones Volleyball team.

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Ina large part of the estate was converted from farm to urban plots, including land for the creation of the Hellenicon Airport. While excavations have not yet been performed, the Geroulanou Estate is presumed to have been the site of the Acropolis of Euonymeia, based on surface finds of 8th - 7th century BCE fortifications.

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This church is currently in operation within the grounds of the Geroulanou Estate, dating it one of the oldest continuously operational churches in Athens. Residents of the deme are Euonymeians… the Deme is also called Euonymos.

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Alternative interpretations for the origin of the name are that it is a direct reference to the area being "well named" or "of good repute", or that it comes from the spindle tree Euonymus europaeus.

Ethnica quae supersunt ex recensione Augusti Meinekii.

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Euonymeia city in Caria.