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Why are you so agressively defensive? Are you that cruel?!

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Sorry that you and your fellow tossers choose men who's attention spans end at the tip of their penises. I guess you didn't expect a little girl to reply.

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I am very bad speaking in school class but yes I hope my writing is understandable. Glad you replied and Take care, litte charming girl!

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Her boyfriend had dinner at our house 2 weeks ago. Hope their sex isn't as vanilla as everything else.

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AAAnd Fine that you are telling me you own desire: I bet you're going to tell me you're a successful businessman with a lovely wife who's a professional with 2 lovely children. And what happened to that perfect English you were speaking before when YOU were making fun of ME and my near perfect man?

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It's hard to pinpoint when exactly things started changing, emotions can just change sporadically. And we don't know every detail of ver pasarela cibeles online dating relationship.

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Ask your boyfriend he surely won't remember: