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Just be wary of the scam-artist dating online secrets of wrestling stories, asking for money! You're a very intense person, but you know this, and you rock with it.

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Level-headed and analytical, you approach everything — especially love — methodically. You were late to their Big Event because you were taking selfies and checking your Twitter mentions.

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You tend to put yourself last and act as a martyr for things that, uh, don't really need martyring for? Sure, you may be a little skeptical of all your partner's friends at first, but that's only because you don't want your partner to get dragged down for hanging with the wrong crowd!

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As with all dating sites, the more information you sign up with, the more chances you have to be matched tagged dating sign up someone. Your partners love that they don't have to worry about you or keep you updated with constant texts and check-ins and shit. But your insecurities often cut good relationships off short because you're quick to react.

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