Blood establishment registration fdating Form FDA 2830 - Blood Establishment Registration and Product Listing

Blood establishment registration fdating

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Click here to find a list of FDA registered blood establishments. This includes allogeneic, autologous, and directed collections, or products prepared, tested, alabama dating services stored for distribution to other firms.

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If you also collect or redistribute, check Item The registration process can still be completed using a paper form, but we recommend using the electronic submission process for a quicker-turnaround time.

We consider hospitals that freeze, deglycerolize, wash, irradiate, rejuvenate, or reduce the number of leukocytes from Red Blood Cells to be Hospital Blood Banks Item If you are a transfusion service operating as a depot or distribution center for a blood bank, register as a Distribution Center and include the license number of the blood bank, if licensed.

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If applicable, indicate the U. Do not fill in shaded areas.

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Licenses under section of the Public Health Service Act to firms that apply for licensure and otherwise qualify.