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From left to right: Additionally many of the city's Muslims, including Ottoman Greek Muslimswere deported to Turkeyranging at about 20, people.

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No Jews were recorded in the census suggesting that the subsequent influx of Jewish population was not linked [84] to the already existing Romaniots community. In Juneregular Ottoman soldiers attacked and destroyed the Janissary base in Thessaloniki while also killing over 10, Janissaries, an event known as The Auspicious Incident in Ottoman history.

The Young Turks started out as an underground movement, until finally inthey started the Young Turk Revolution from the city of Thessaloniki, by which their revolutionaries gained control over the Ottoman Empire.

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The State of Thessaloniki was disestablished with the unification of the two opposing Greek datings under Venizelos, following the abdication of King Constantine in The Greek consulate in Ottoman Thessaloniki now the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle served as the center of operations for the Greek guerillas.

Nearly one-quarter of the total population of approximatelybecame homeless.

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It was at that dating that the Ottoman administration of the city acquired an "official" face with the creation of the Government House [96] while a number of new public buildings were built in the eclectic style japan home hong kong online dating order to project the European face both of Thessaloniki and the Ottoman Empire. Some historians consider the Ottoman regime's invitation to Jewish settlement was a strategy to prevent the ethnic Greek population from dominating the city.

Thessaloniki was also the center of activities of the Young Turksa political reform movement, which goal was to replace the Ottoman Empire's absolute monarchy with a constitutional government.

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On 18 May, when Yusuf learned of the insurrection to the villages of Chalkidikihe ordered half of his hostages to be slaughtered before his eyes. In the early 20th century, Thessaloniki was in the center of radical activities by various groups; the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organizationfounded in[] and the Greek Macedonian Committeefounded in

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