Is justin bieber dating kendall Here's a Timeline of Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber's Rocky Relationship, From Start to ...Finish?

Is justin bieber dating kendall

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The Biebs loves him some Jesus!. Instead of the J-man being on this cross, as most would expect rom the Biebs, it seems the Earth has taken his place.

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When their breakup was reported on October 30, a source told People that they were still "in touch," and about a week ago, she was still liking Tesfaye's photos on the app. Read more about the meaning and story behind his angel wing tattoo… read more This addition to the many Justin Bieber tattoos included a bunch of roses inked in black and white below and to the side of the praying hands. It was first reported two weeks ago that the on-and-off duo were officially back together.

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But it looks like Orlando and Selena are just friends now—the actor clarified the dating rumors, saying the two are just friends and attended the same event. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below After the rough patch Jelena went through last year, it's nice to see these exes getting past the drama and reconnecting.