Ldeo cosmogenic dating group team Cosmogenic Nuclide Group

Ldeo cosmogenic dating group team

Enigmatic Laurentide ice sheet deglaciation. Quaternary Science Reviews 27 Cosmogenic-nuclide and varve chronologies for the deglaciation of southern New England.

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Science Late glacial and holocene 10Be production rates for western Norway. Our research interests cover a wide spectrum of earth scientific disciplines and include timing of ice ages, subglacial erosion rates, uplift rates of Pleistocene terraces, and a better understanding of the production systematics of cosmogenic nuclides.

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Cosmogenic beryllium and neon dating of late Pleistocene glaciatins in Nyalam, monosoonal Himalayas. We also routinely measure cosmogenic 3 He. One of the most promising approaches to this task is the quantitative investigation of ESP from the past to the present, and to apply the insight to current and future environmental challenges.

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Impacts of grain size and provenance, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 22, Low gradient outlet glaciers or ice streams?

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