Antedating promotion code IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI

Antedating promotion code

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The court may extend the day period upon a further showing in camera that the Attorney General or local prosecuting authority has pursued the criminal or civil investigation or proceedings with reasonable diligence and any proposed discovery in the civil action will interfere with the ongoing criminal or civil investigation or proceedings. Is there any possibility of providing an additional salary increment by changing the date of salary increment?

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Since the post is approved as personal to the officer, a promotion scheme should be prepared instead of a scheme of recruitment. There the antedate promotion code undergoes language training and is expected to develop proficiency in the CFL and pass an examination before being allowed to continue in the service. Railway Board's letter No.

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It may be relevant fission track dating problems and solutions state here that the officer who was immediately junior to the petitioner was merely asked to officiate on the said post of Civilian Staff Officer for the above-mentioned period and he was not entitled to higher pay and allowances. Answer Salary Policy and Anomalies 1. Assistant bungalow Keeper 3.

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Furthermore, date of promotion on supernumerary basis should be considered as the next date for salary increment. C If the Attorney General proceeds with the antedate promotion pursuant to clause i of subparagraph Bthe political subdivision shall be permitted to intervene in the action within 60 days after the Attorney General notifies the court of its intentions.

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Noteā€”Such of the rules in this section as are not already extent shall apply from such dates as may be fixed by the code administrations. Persons other than Trainees and Apprentices who have been directly recruited in the Diesel Locomotive Works from a panel of an earlier date shall be senior to those recruited from a panel of a later date, and in the case, of recruitment from the same panel, seniority shall be determined on the basis of the position of the persons in the panel arranged in order of merit.

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B Within 45 days after the Attorney General forwards the complaint and written disclosure pursuant to subparagraph Athe prosecuting authority shall do either of the following: On the same day itself the Bench, which had reserved the order, recalled its earlier order and listed the case for further arguments on 29th August,