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Most people are happy to have him gone.

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Gabriel Soliman CITsender is a campus service that automatically sends students a text message when their final grades have been posted, according to Dan Spinelli, the executive editor of the Daily Pennsylvanian. Since its founding, the Daily has informed, educated and entertained Stanford students and the surrounding community.

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Because new posts continue to be added and posts can be deleted, these rankings may change. Please consider donating to support our coverage. Emma Alter Dartmouth is, famously, located in Hanover, New Hampshire — what some students might consider the middle of nowhere.

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Arnav Barbaad UCLA has three week quarters, so this meme jokes that studying really only happens during one week each term. Sponsor a volume or issue today: Questions, comments or corrections?

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Some groups, such as columbia buy sell memesare closed groups, so their data is inaccessible.