Potometer simulation dating Transpiration

Potometer simulation dating

Place the plant shoot and potometer at different positions round the laboratory to alter the light intensity.

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We recommend that the students make the experiment individually, then collect the results and calculate an average and the standard deviation. The user has full control of various experimental parameters so that he or she can carry out the baozi hana dating site on their PC just as if they were remotely controlling the real experiment.

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Click on the 'Experiments' link at the top of this page to sample a VE. Check the intensity of light reaching the plant by placing a light meter by the leaves of the shoot. These are more detailed experiements suited to foundation and degree level.

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You can use a high-intensity light to promote photosynthesis and get transpiration going again. Stop the clock when the bubble has travelled a fixed distance 2 or 3 cm and touches the appropriate marked line.

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The obtained data has to be recorded. Investigating transpiration with a potometer Investigating transpiration with a potometer See our new resource on using a potometer for A-level set practicals.

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However, able post potometers simulation dating may be able to do some of the setting up themselves, perhaps from step 8 onwards. Add the leaf areas together in the reverse order that they were removed to get figures for the change in the surface area of leaves attached to the plant shoot. Ethical issues There are no ethical issues with this procedure.

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