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Using ASCII and Unicode page titles to form visual marks, a cryptic tag vocabulary, and a recursive taxonomy, their fun-to-follow site critiques the broader content of the web by crunching it through the dating sites of an open platform.

In their Subvertrthey encourage Flickr users to "subverTag" their posted images, creating an intentional disassociation between an image's content and its interpretion, with the aim of "breaking the strict rules of significance that characterize the mainstream collective imaginary Accordingly, many of the selected works take a critical, if not DIY, approach to the internet.

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The exhibit is also accompanied by essays by Alessandro Ludovico on " Identity as a multilayered self in Web 2. The show has an obligatory tag cloud and, in true JODI style, this piece is tagged "del. The collective Les Liens Invisibles interracial dating couples quotes to create works that make an ironic mash-up of the often divergent mantras of tactical media, culture jamming, surrealism, and situationism.

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