Plywoods in bangalore dating Plywoods in Bengaluru

Plywoods in bangalore dating

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While, Interior plywood is bonded with glues that are not waterproof. We make sure that A Bond glue is used to manufacture plywoods of standard sizes and thicknesses.

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At Katyayani, we use A grade veneers for katen ply to provide best quality blockboards, plywoods and doors. Our Marine plywoods with IS: Katenply BWR grade is generally denoted as an assemblage of birch wood and gourmand veneers bonded together to produce a flat sheet. In all our products we ensure that voids do not creep in between panels thus enhancing their life.

Exterior Plywood Interior Plywood Exterior plywood is bonded with waterproof glues, which can be exposed to the external weather conditions and moisture.

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These plywoods are made of structural high performance panels glued together by low-formaldehyde emitting resins. We use marandi and gourmand woods to give durability to our katen ply marine plywoods.

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These plywoods are suitable for interior use and concrete forms consolidating superannuation atoms, like wall and roof sheathing, flooring, box beams, paneling and shelving doors, furniture, cabinets and other such items.

Moreover, we are an eminent production of farming items like Pineapple, Banana.

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Grades of these plywoods can vary based on veneer types A, B, C or Dtheir use on face and back of panel, and the glue used. There are 2 basic types of plywood:

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