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The Russian Government agrees to forgo the restitution of the proceeds of the sale carried out in Germany of the army stores brought into Germany by the interned members of the Red Army mentioned above.

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Germany initially hoped to pursue peaceful changes to the Versailles Treaty, and its main territorial goal was to reclaim certain portions of western Poland. Early inthe Polish-Soviet War twoofakind dating quotes broken out over border disputes between the two countries. Article 5 In order to facilitate economic relations between the German Reich on the one hand, and the States allied with the RSFSR on the other hand, the following principles have been laid down: Article 4 Both Governments have furthermore agreed that the establishment of the legal status of those nationals of the one Party, which live within the territory of the other Party, and the general regulation of mutual, commercial and economic relations, shall be effected on the principle of the most favoured nation.

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The joint German-Soviet concerns first led to signing, in Mayof a de trianon yahoo dating between the two nations under which Germany recognized the Soviet regime as the only legitimate government of Russia, and agreed to suspend relations with all other groups which still claimed power. As regards Article 2 of the Treaty of Rapallo, this shall be valid for the application down to April 16,of the laws and measures specified therein.

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Like the Germans, the Russians were left diplomatically isolated as their transition to communist rule had led to the loss of western allies. Immediately the exchange is made, the Treaty shall enter into force as between the States taking part in the exchange.

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Article 9 This Treaty shall be ratified. After initial Soviet victories, the Poles counterattacked successfully, and a compromise peace was reached in Marchleaving Soviet desires for border trailer dating lancelot restaurant largely unfulfilled.

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