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Contemporary historians include Paulus Orosius c. This treaty established inter alia the border demarcation between the kingdom of Portugal and the kingdom of Leon, where the disputed town of Olivenza was included. Orosiusat that time resident in Hispania, shows a rather pacific initial settlement, the newcomers working their lands [35] or serving as bodyguards of the locals.

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Madeira and the Azoreswhich led to the first colonization movements. Afonso's campaigns were successful and, on 25 Julyhe obtained an overwhelming victory in the Battle of Ouriqueand straight after was unanimously proclaimed King of Portugal by his soldiers.

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Roman Lusitania and Gallaecia[ edit ] Main articles: Later, a northern province of Lusitania was formed, known as Gallaeciawith capital in Bracara Augusta, on-line dating services for seniors Braga. A few small, semi-permanent, commercial coastal settlements such as Tavira were also founded in the Algarve region by Phoenicians - Carthaginians.

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This period lasted untilwhen King Roderic Rodrigo was killed while opposing a Moorish invasion from the south. With this battle, the House of Aviz became the ruling house of Portugal.

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