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How are you selling bibles like this.

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Led by eminent scholar, John Bois, the six teams of scholars made sure that the KJV was translated into the poetic form of English to match the Hebrew, which is also poetic. This young lady is very correct, has done her homework and has studied to show herself approved, a workman not to be ashamed!!

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I am more concerned about how congregations or individuals destroy the text of scripture with their hypocrisy and their denominational idolatrious worship and racism.

I have been using the NIV for years and have been in many bible study classes and the differences in the NIV are not in my opinion, deceiving.

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Linda Frost I guess, I am really shocked. They are missing from other versions as well because Satan has been at work to deceive of course. The NIV is not reliable.

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The KJV is the most accurate.